Obela Hommus all starts with the humble chickpea, perfectly blended with tahini, garlic, herbs and spices to produce our iconic smooth and creamy hommus.

NEW - Chimichurri Hommus 220g
Pistachio Lemon Dukkah Hommus 220g
Roasted Capsicum Hommus 220g
Classic Hommus 220g
Roasted Pine Nut Hommus 220g
Zesty Jalapeño Hommus 220g
Sweet Beetroot Hommus 220g
Caramelised Onion Hommus 220g
Spicy Harissa Hommus 220g
Savoury Garlic Garnished Hommus 220g
Savoury Garlic Flavoured Hommus 220g
Basil Pesto Hommus 220g
Obela Hommus 1kg
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Authentic Dips

Dip into our Authentic Dips that are inspired from all around the world to give you authentic, worldly food experiences right at home

Classic Tzatziki Dip 220g
Moroccan Sweet Potato 220g
Mediterranean Eggplant & Tahini 220g
Classic Guacamole Dip 220g
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Double Dips

Combining our smooth Classic Hommus with another favourite, our double dips are the ideal choice if you just arent sure which one to get

Classic Hommus and Basil Pesto Double Dips 240g
Classic Hommus and Tzatziki Double Dips 240g
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Deli Style Dips

Head over to the Deli Dips aisle and experience our most premium range for that special occasion

Deli Style Pecorino, Roast Capsicum & Cashews 200g
Deli Style Feta, Balsamic Beetroot & Cashews 200g
Deli Style Parmesan, Basil Pesto & Cashews 200g
Restaurant Style Hommus 350g
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Enjoy our tasty and nutritious, portable snacks

NEW - Classic Tzatziki Singles 3x60g
Smooth Classic Hommus Singles 3x60g
Beetroot Hommus with Sunbites 100g
Salsa with Sunbites 100g
Jalapeno Hommus To Go & Doritos 95g
Classic Tzatziki To Go Dip 125g
Roasted Capsicum Hommus To Go 125g
Classic Hommus To Go 125g
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Hommus Bowls

NEW!! Try our range of plant-based Hommus bowls, perfect for when you’re looking for a delicious and wholesome option during the day.

Quinoa Tabouli Salad 285g
Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables 285g
Roasted Sweet Potato 285g
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