Obela Fast Facts

Fact 1 – What goes in?

Every great hommus, starts with a great chickpea! The little legend legumes are smooshed smooth and mixed with tahini - which is a paste made from ground sesame seeds. Then we add garlic and herbs and spices, to make that delicious taste we all love. It sounds simple, but there’s a real art to choosing the right ingredients and bringing them together perfectly. And with our variety of unique flavours, there’s a hommus for every taste and occasion. Get dipping and dive-in!

Fact 2 – Old School 

It’s crazy to think, but people have been making hommus since the 13th century, and like all true classics, it will never go out fashion. We have reinterpreted and reinvented our hommus, giving you modern flavours to keep things fresh, but in essence, the delicious spread we bring you has been made for over 700 years. May the next 700 be just as tasty and delicious.

Fact 3 – smooth as……Obela

Great hommus is super smooth and you’ll be hard pushed to find one as smooth as ours. We could tell you how we make it so smooth, but it’s a highly guarded secret! What we can say is it involves a lot (like a lot) of stirring!

Fact 4 – Dip, spread, eat, repeat

Always with you at BBQs, gatherings, house-warmings and events, hommus brings people together. Try and think of a social event that hommus wouldn’t improve? Sharing hommus with your friends and family is the best. Pita bread, fresh veggies or crackers are great, but why stop there? Get creative. You can spread it on sandwiches in place of mayo, use it instead of tomato sauce as a base for pizzas, and stir it through mashed potato – the choices are endless. It’s also far healthier than most of it’s condiment counterparts! Try adding some to your recipes and we think you’ll be blown away. Check out our Facebook page for more ideas and tips too http://facebook.com/ObelaAU

Fact 5 – the feeling's mutual

So many foods we love do not love us (or our bodies) back. They can be (quite literally) real heartbreakers. Our hommus is different. It has no artificial flavours or colours, is gluten and dairy free. It contains chickpeas which are filled with fibre and protein. So it’s about time you ditched the others and started a long-term and healthy relationship with our hommus. The love goes both ways and it’s oh-so delicious.

Fact 6 – You know the facts, now dive-in

After reading all these tasty facts, you must have a watering mouth and rumbles in your tum. So why not head to your nearest supermarket and get dipping, spreading, sharing and loving our range of awesome hommus.